Arjun serial last episode

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Arjun All Episodes 96 videos Follow Playlist. Arjun 12th May Full Episode HD Quality Videos. Star Maa Tv.

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Arjun 11th May Full Episode 99 Arjun 10th May Full Episode 98 Arjun 9th May Full Episode 97 Arjun 8th May Full Episode 96 Arjun 6th May Full Episode 95 Arjun 5th May Full Episode 94 Arjun 4th May Full Episode 93 Arjun 3rd May Full Episode 92 Arjun 2nd May Full Episode 91 Arjun 1st May Full Episode 90 Arjun 29th April Full Episode 89 Arjun 28th April Full Episode 88 Arjun 27th April Full Episode 87 Arjun 26th April Full Episode 86 Arjun 25th April Full Episode 85 Arjun 24th April Full Episode 84 Arjun 22nd April Full Episode 83 Arjun 21st April Full Episode 82 TV Schedule.

Sign In. S6, Ep1. Error: please try again. Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone grace the couch in the season opener and discuss their beaus, spill some beans and talk about their guilty pleasures. S6, Ep2. It's the desi boys, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh's turn on the couch. The dynamic duo has a blast while sharing amazing stories and talking about their common interests, before facing the most-awaited Rapid Fire round.

S6, Ep3. S6, Ep4.

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From spilling the beans on their relationships to talking about their experience of working together, bombshell Katrina Kaif and heartthrob Varun Dhawan heat up the Koffee like never before. S6, Ep5.

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It is a complete royal affair with Saif and Sara Ali Khan on the couch. From Sara spilling beans on her equation with Kareena Kapoor Khan to the nail-biting rapid fire round, it is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. S6, Ep6. It's time for the star siblings Arjun and Janhvi Kapoor to take over the Koffee couch.

While Arjun admits that he isn't single anymore, Janhvi tackles the question about her rumored relationship with Ishan Khattar. S6, Ep7. They are as different as chalk and cheese yet Ajay Devgn and Kajol are the industry's most ideal couple. They talk about balancing work and family besides sharing a great equation with their children.It is the fifth television series of 4 Lions Films. This series is about a rebellious cop, Arjun Rawte. The crime fiction revolves around the dark past that haunts Arjun - the brutal killing of his wife Roshni, as well the personal lives and equations of Arjun,Sakshi,Sameer,Aisha, Shree,Liza and Chotu,Riya,The show deals with crimes such as human traffickingorgan tradekidnapping murderand honor killing.

Karan Rohit Purohit is an ally of Arjun. DNA India said that it has good action scenes, but Malhotra was "a little stiff". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaleen Malhotra as A. Patel Episode Vinod Kapoor as Dr.

arjun serial last episode

Retrieved 9 November Retrieved 12 June Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao!

Yaaron Ki Baraat - Varun Dhawan , Arjun Kapoor - Hindi Zee Tv Serial Talk Show Episode 5

Dil Jaise Dhadke Maharaj Ki Jai Ho! Chand Ke Paar Chalo Geet Categories : Indian action television series Indian thriller television series Star Plus television series Indian television series debuts Television series by 4 Lions Films Indian television series endings s Indian television series. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Logo of Arjun. Action Crime fiction Police procedural Drama Thriller.

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Mumbai Delhi Jaipur Goa. Official website. Drama Dadi AmmaManmarziyan [2] is an Indian television drama series which aired from 13 April to 29 August on Star Plus. The show captures the spirit of the real Mumbai focusing on two girls from contrasting backgrounds who desire to find courage to chase a life of their choice in a contemporary office.

Radhika Mishra Monica Sehgal a reserved but amiable middle-class girl from Rishikesh, loves to write. She dream of becoming a Writer and do something BIG in life. Radhika and Sam meets accidentally at Rishikesh and become best friends. Sam encourages Radhika to live her life on her own terms and asks her to come to Mumbai.

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After getting engaged to Saral, Radhika goes to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams. During the course of Radhika's journey in Birdsong she faces a lot of problems, But with the support of her friends including Neil Shravan ReddySam's childhood bestfriend, she faces them all and even saves the company from crisis.

Radhika helps Sam in all her problems, making their bond even stronger. It is revealed that Nandini, Arjun's adoptive sister, had been in an extra-marital affair with Samrat Khanna Sam's father but he ditched her for his family. Nandini was devastated and suicidal, while 10 year old Arjun had been the witness to this heartbreak leaving him bitter.

She plans to seek revenge from Samrat for her misfortune using Arjun.

arjun serial last episode

According to their plan, Arjun fakes love to Sam and makes her madly fall in love with him. Nandini's plan is to kill Sam, of which Arjun is unaware of. Arjun and Sam decide to marry, but Arjun falls in love with Radhika because of her simplicity, positive spirit and selfless nature. On Nandini's instructions, Saral forcefully tries to marry Radhika twice, but Arjun stops the marriage every time.

Later Radhika finds about Arjun's motives and injudiciously tries to help Sam from Nandini's evil plan by marrying Arjun which damages her friendship with Sam. A heartbroken Sam is consoled by Neil, who loves her. Enemity between Sam and Radhika begins. Radhika is determined to save Sam at any cost while Sam is determined to get Arjun back. Later Radhika realises that Arjun has no idea about the plan of killing Sam and that Nandini had been using Arjun all this while.

After learning about Arjun's innocence, Radhika falls in love with Arjun. Radhika somehow brings Nandini's true colors infront of Arjun leaving him shattered. That day, Radhika says Sam that she will divorce Arjun and will never ever come between them.

Later Radhika leaves to Rishikesh by sacrificing her love for Arjun since Sam loves him. After a few months, It is seen that Neil and Sam realises their love for each other and marry. The three goes to Rishikesh to bring Radhika back. From there, Arjun proposes Radhika. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the upcoming film, see Manmarziyaan. Retrieved 18 September First and foremost, we congratulate the show Naagini for completing a massive episodes thanks to all of your love and fan base.

To give a small brief of what happened on the th episode of Naagini, Arjun loses his consciousness right near the house where Amrutha is staying in. Meanwhile, Bhairava tries to retrieve the Nagamani that is inside Arjun but the spell backfires badly. Arjun somehow makes it back home safe with Nanda.

So they think Arjun is losing his mind. No more spoilers for you because it is now time to look at what the lead-duo of the show have to say about their experience until now. So enjoy…. With more of your love and support, I am sure this show will reach its episode mark in absolutely no time. Am I right? If you too are a fan and want to send in your best wishes to the show and its lead cast, you know what to do.

Leave your comments in the space given below. Watch the latest episodes of Gattimelastreaming for your entertainment on the ZEE5 platform. Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. View this post on Instagram. TAGS deekshith shetty deepika das drama kannada serial kannada tv show naagini romance. More like this:. You May Also Like This.Popular Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal is all set to make is a digital debut with the web series very soon.

Bollywood actress shared his excitement towards this upcoming web series.

arjun serial last episode

The story special and you will see me in a different Avtar. We just wrap up our first shoot, scheduled in Kashmir. And I cannot wait to present the final product viewers. He also shared this news on social media. A story that will change the way you see your own life forever.

Arjun: Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek

The series will be released in This official starting date of the web series is not announced yet. But soon makers of the web series and Arjun Rampal himself will announce the official starting date of the show.

So, more details related to the web series will update on the page shortly. So, make sure you stay tuned here to get all details related to the final call. The story of the show is very unique and emotional. It will sure won hearts millions of fan. It is unlike anything we have ever heard or seen before. While the book was extremely well received. We are quite certain that the show will have its Fan to. So excited to announce my new project TheFinalCall — a story that will change the way you see your own life — forever.

Stay tuned!

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Fans are already looking forward to watch this web series. The broadcast of the web series will available on Zee 5 official website and app. Subscribe to our mailing list and get latest auditions new and tv show to your email inbox. Arjun Rampal To Make digital debut soon. Get more Auditions News Subscribe to our mailing list and get latest auditions new and tv show to your email inbox.Sadashivam starring Priyanka Nalkari and Sibbu Suryan.

The story starts with Tiger Manickam and Shenbagam on their car with their daughter Anu. A car accident occurs, where Tiger gets into a coma, Shenbagam presumably dies, and Anu is lost. This accident was planned by Tiger's brother Sethu and Sethu's friend Maruthanaayagam.

Anu is adopted with the name Roja by Shanthamoorty, who raises her in his orphanage. Many years later, Roja is grown up, but then a crimininal named Bhaiya Ganesh enters the orphanage secretly in order to molest the girls. Eventually a girl in the ashramam named Priya and Maruthanaayagam's daughter Saakshi kill Bhaiya Ganesh, and put the blame on Shanthamoorthy, who is then arrested. Roja is also unaware of her heritage as the daughter of Tiger Manickam and Shenbagam. Priya meanwhile, found Roja's childhoom items which Roja had when she was with Tiger and Shenbagam, and Priya goes to Tiger Manickam and lies to him that she is his daughter.

Priya is then named Anu. Anu is also well-affiliated with Shenbagam's family. Roja, in order to bring Shanthamoorthy back, gets married to renowned Lawyer Arjun Prathap on a contractual basis for one year who agrees to help Roja.

Arjun is actually the nephew of Shenbagam and belongs to Shenbagam's family. Arjun receives Roja's consent to dissolve the marriage after exactly one year by getting signatures in a mutual consent agreement. Roja accepts this agreement so that Arjun could become involved in a case related to her foster father. Arjun dislikes love and marriage due to his traumatic past involving his friend Venu's demise, but indulges in the contractual marriage in an attempt to prevent the marriage between him and Anu.

The entire family except Arjun's mother Kalpana hates Roja because she took Anu's spot. Annapoorani, who is Arjun and Anu's grandmother and Shenbagam's mother hates Roja the most.

Anu teams up with Annapoorani's evil daughter and son-in-law Yashoda and Balu and try to get Roja out of the house several times. Yashoda hates Roja because Roja once humiliated her.

Roja tries several times to find out her heritage, and Shantamoorthy's case, but she is stopped by Anu. Eventually Roja and Arjun fall in love with each other and the contractual marriage is forgotten. A police office called Chandrakantha who has a mysterious past also decides to help Arjun with the Bhaiya Ganesh murder case.

When she is close to figuring the mystery, she is stopped by the Comissioner Gowtham Nath, who is affiliated with Saakshi for some reason. Annapoorani's sister Kamakshi visits Canada once, and she along with Arjun, Roja, and Kalpana try to find out Roja's past and if Anu is actually Shenbagam's daughter or not.

Annapoorani is very sad that everyone is against Anu, and visits temples and leaves the family.

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